Chemistry Tutor

Part-Time or Full-Time

Aggieland Tutoring, a private tutoring company in College Station, TX, is hiring an experienced, educated individual to serve as a contracted part-time or full-time in-person tutor in Chemistry.

Aggieland Tutoring provides private 1-on-1, small-group and small-class tutoring to support students at Texas A&M University and Blinn College. Our tutors work to ensure the tutoring team is delivering a high-quality service for students at various academic levels as they master the concepts of chemistry.

Aggieland Tutoring is seeking individuals who can tutor most, or all, of the following courses at an extremely high level:

(Courses marked with *** are required for Chemistry Tutors).


***CHEM 119 Fundamentals of Chemistry I (CHEM 1311, 1411) is an introduction to modern theories of atomic structure and chemical bonding; chemical reactions; stoichiometry; states of matter; solutions; equilibrium; acids and bases; coordination chemistry; methods and techniques of chemical experimentation; qualitative and semi-quantitative procedures applied to investigative situations.

***CHEM 120 Fundamentals of Chemistry II (CHEM 1312, 1412) covers theory and applications of oxidation-reduction systems; thermodynamics and kinetics; complex equilibria and solubility product; nuclear chemistry; descriptive inorganic and organic chemistry; introduction to analytical and synthetic methods and to quantitative techniques to both inorganic and organic compounds with emphasis on an investigative approach.

***CHEM 227 Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 2323, 2423*) is an introduction to chemistry of compounds of carbon; general principles and their application to various industrial and biological processes.

***CHEM 228 Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 2325, 2425*) is a continuation of CHEM 227.

***CHEM 231 Techniques of Organic Chemistry covers the techniques of organic chemistry; preparation, properties of typical organic compounds; separation, purification, analysis, and characterization of organic compounds.

CHEM 315 Fundamentals of Quantitative Analysis covers quantitative and statistical methods of analysis; solution chemistry; chemical equilibrium of analytically useful reactions; advanced analytical methods including electrochemistry, separations and kinetic methods.

CHEM 327 Physical Chemistry I is an introduction to quantum mechanics, exactly solvable model problems; many-electron systems and approximate methods; chemical bonding and the electronic structure of molecules; rotational, vibrational, and electronic spectroscopy; molecular symmetry.

CHEM 328 Physical Chemistry II is a rigorous treatment of first, second, and third laws of thermodynamics; applications to gases (both ideal and real), liquids, solutions and phase equilibria; statistical thermodynamics; kinetic theory of gases; introduction to chemical kinetics.

CHEM 362 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry is an introduction to inorganic chemistry with a focus in descriptive inorganic chemistry, bonding theories in inorganic molecules and in the solid state, redox chemistry, descriptive main group and transition metal chemistry; ligand field theory, molecular magnetism and electronic spectra in transition metal complexes.

At Aggieland Tutoring, we work to facilitate a culture of professional reflection and consistent quality among our teams of tutors.

A tutor can set their own hours of availability and can work from any location with their students – however, Aggieland Tutoring does provide a fully furnished tutoring center for our tutors use.

*Notice: Tutors are Independent Contractors, Not Employees, and will Not Receive Employee Benefits. Tutor is an independent contractor (not an employee or other agent) solely responsible for the manner and hours in which services are performed, is solely responsible for all taxes, withholding, and other statutory, regulatory or contractual obligations of any sort (including, but not limited to, those relating to workers’ compensation, disability insurance, Social Security, unemployment compensation coverage, the Fair Labor Standards Act, income taxes, etc.), and is not entitled to employee benefits (such as vacation or holiday pay, medical, unemployment or workers’ compensation insurance).

Aggieland Tutoring is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants, including minorities, women, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


To qualify for this position, individuals must have:

Advanced coursework or graduate degree in chemistry or a related field of study.

College-level teaching or tutoring experience in one or more of the chemistry subjects above, preference given for individuals with advanced teaching experience.

Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills.

Strong typing and computer skills.

Enthusiasm for education and a passion for helping students master chemistry concepts.

Candidates must reside in the Bryan/College area and, if hired, be able to provide documentation regarding eligibility to work in the United States.


Primary Location: College Station, TX, USA

Job: Tutoring

Employee Status: Independent Contractor

Job Type: Contract

Job Level: Individual Contributor

Job Posting: June 2, 2019

Schedule: Part-time (20 hours minimum availability), Full-time (40 hours minimum availability)

How to apply

Email Resume to:

Subject Line: “Hiring Application/Resume”

>>>Don’t forget to attach your Resume<<<

If you do not receive a response within a couple of days please take the initiative to call or text Aaron – it’s just what you do when you really want a job!